$150 Challenge: Summer Stroll

This weekend, I went on a walking tour of historic buildings in my town. Even after two hours, my feet were happy since I've stocked up on cute walking shoes from Naturalizer. It's in that soft soled spirit that this week's $150 Challenge centers around a pair of brown wedges from my first stop for walking shoes. This look should keep you cool, comfortable and stylish wherever your feet go this season. Get the whole thing for $146.50.
brown wedge sandals, Naturalizer $59.99
orange paisley dress, Forever 21 $24.80
apple tote, Target $19.99
straw cloche, Urban Outfitters $34
floral necklace, Forever 21 $7.80


Rachel said…
I LOVE this outfit. Uh oh.
rachel said…
You know, I kinda had my heart set on finding some fabulously bad Engrish canvas bags. Turns out canvas isn't cool over this way (nylon is the new canvas, but I prefer natural fiber.) Now I regret not stocking up on any of the ones that you guys posted. The apple bag from Target reminded me.

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