Save or Splurge: Makeup Brushes

Every time I've had my makeup done, makeup brushes come into the conversation. My set is a bit lacking. It's what's left of my mom's old set of brushes. The brushes I have are much better than the super cheap ones that I could afford to replace them with so I'm hanging on to these brushes until decide I want to wear makeup more often and can afford a nicer set.

Ideally, brushes would be a bit of a splurge. I'd rather buy them once every several years (with proper care, of course) for around $40 instead of buying them every year for $10 only to suffer through shedding and breaking and such.

However, I don't wear makeup often. I'd prefer to have nice professional brushes because I think it does make a difference in the look, but I am currently fine with the few brushes I have and the applicators that come with various products. I guess that makes brushes a save now and, hopefully, a splurge later.

Do you save or splurge on makeup brushes?

Pictured: Two Tone Portfolio Brush Set, Sephora $44


Jael Paris said…
I've noticed the biggest difference in my eye makeup. Those spongey applicators are horrible, but good brushes make the look even. I really want a good angled eyeliner brush so I can wear my bright shadows as winged liner.
Rachel said…
The really nice mineral makeup I splurged on for my wedding came with awesome brushes.

I agree with Jael Paris about eye makeup. I've been converted to the brush.

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