Love or Loathe: Dark Colors For Spring

One of the strongest Spring/Summer 2009 runway trends was autumnal colors. Milan was especially dark and neutral. Brown, navy, burgundy, and black dominated the catwalks. In those shows, the brightest colors were neutral beige tones. I may feel like breaking out the burgundy in July, but since I haven't seen the sun in so long, right now I just want to celebrate with turquoise and coral. What do you think of this color trend? Would you buy into it?

Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and Vera Wang are thinking dark thoughts.

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tractordog said…
Paint it BLACK! I don't limit my colors (or non-colors) for any particular season. :) I was kinda surprised about the whole grey trend for spring...
Jess K. said…
I'm into the autumn colors for spring. Although I agree with you...celebrating warm weather with fun colors should NEVER be obsolete. Nonetheless, it was 28 degrees this morning so I pulled on my wine colored tights and my favorite brown booties. Also, a black crewneck sweater with a gold hoop necklace...a dark greenish corduroy mini skirt, and a pretty pink ribbon to pull back my hair. (Maybe the pink is the "summer part" waiting to fully blossom).
becca said…
I like to play with colors so I don't like to assign seasons to them. However, on a nice, spring day, I usually end up in bright colors.

It's interesting that Spring 09 has autumn colors, and Fall 09 showed so many spring colors.

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