Bohemian is Back

Bohemian clothing is everywhere this spring. What is bohemian? I have no idea. Some people call it hippie. Some people generically dub it "ethnic", but what they mean by that they do not specify. (I gather it means non-American and non-western European. So every other culture is mashed together? What? Grr.)

While I don't know what modern bohemian clothing technically is, I know it when I see it. I wore it all through high school -- long skirts, complicated prints, fringe, crochet, and peasant tops. Bohemian 2009 is sleeker than it was in 1999. To avoid dressing like you did in high school or college, ask yourself if what you're ogling in the store is more suited for Lilith Fair or the office. Pair a flowing maxi dress with a boyfriend blazer, or buy a boho print in a structured top. And under no circumstance are you to put daisies in your hair.
Top: scarf print strapless dress, Victoria's Secret $68
cream crochet dress, Victoria's Secret $89
Bottom: black and navy embroidered dress, Free People at Shopbop $148
saffron print maxi dress, Arden B. $128
brown peasant dress, Victoria's Secret $68
orange and white mini shift, Laundryby Shelli Segal on Nordstrom $245
Top: pink embroidered sheer peasant tunic, Twelve by Twelve $36
pale pink layered chiffon top, LaROK at Shopbop $228
orange and white paisely peasant top, Forever 21 $15.80
black fringe tee, Forever 21 $17.80
Middle: teal crochet trim dolman sleeve top, XOXO at Macy's $36.75
navy embroidered tie top, National Jena Co. $32
Bottom: white peasant top with red print, Forever 21 $27.80
cream flowing top, Jen's Pirate Booty at Revolve Clothing $121 (Best label name ever!)
black flutter sleeve embroidered top, INC International Concepts at Macy's $49

We'll be bringing you a few updated bohemian looks later this week.


Vicki said…
I will continue to put daisies in my hair and there is not a single thing you can do to stop me. :P
Jael Paris said…
Somehow, I knew you would.
becca said…
My inner hippie is calling. I need the maxi dress.
Jael Paris said…
Personally, I'm loving the scarf print dress and teal top.
Vicki said…
I also just ordered a straw bag from Victorias Secret (for like... $28, in four AWESOME colors... I got yellow) with the intention of pinning a huge, obnoxious flower on it. It's gonna be my summer bag, and it makes me so very happy.

You should totally do an article on straw handbags. There are some REALLY cute styles out there for summer. I'll e-mail you a couple of links; there's a lobster print straw bag that is the cutest thing ever.
Anonymous said…
Actually Bohemia is an old name for Czech Republic...which is in central Europe. Although Im not really sure what the connection here is but our traditional clothing does look kinda like modern bohemian style and the folks here are all inner hippiesso Id say thats the origin of the word:)

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