Warning: This Post Contains High Levels of Geek

I will proudly admit to geeking out on Friday when the phrase "created by Joss Whedon" popped up on my screen. Dollhouse was quite enjoyable. Not Buffy levels of enjoyable, but certainly fun. Thus I stayed awake for hours wondering if this new confection would be swiftly offed by Fox execs in the same way they offed my beloved and brilliant Firefly. With such thoughts in mind, I thought I'd put together a post for my fellow Whedonists. Here are my favorite brown coats (Browncoats!) on the market.Top: zip trench, Mackage, Bluefly $215.19
brown velvet long "Equestrian" coat, Newport News $69
tweed skirted trench, Ben Sherman for Urban Outfitters $89.99
diamond down puffer, Searle $488.60
Bottom: puff sleeve short coat, Victoria's Secret $129
pleated cashmere wool blend coat, Mackage, Bluefly $311.99
elbow sleeve leather jacket, Neiman Marcus $295

Now sing with me: "He's the hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!"


Anonymous said…
You had me at the second coat.

You had my love *forever* when you said why you picked it. I'm a very recent browncoat, but I'm a tad obsessed.

Now the Jayne song is stuck in my head.
Anonymous said…
Now I really want to own a brown coat.

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