Save or Splurge: Shampoo

Hair care is an important part a girl's overall look. Bad hair ruins even the cutest outfit. And bad shampoo can ruin even the cutest hair. I've sampled shampoos that were too drying, which made my hair look like straw and shampoos that were too moisturizing, which weighed my hair down.

Most shampoos fall somewhere in between. However, their price ranges can be sky high. I know people who swear by salon shampoos. I can even tell when some of them have switched to a cheaper brand.

I'm just not one of those people. I use drug store shampoo. John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette (pictured) is perfect for my long curly locks. Some might even consider that a bit of a splurge because there are much cheaper drugstore brands. I tried a travel size one recently since my budget is ever tighter, but my hair lost a lot of it's shine so I'm back to John Frieda (I use the Volumizing Shampoo for Chestnut to Espresso, by the way) and searching for coupons to clip.

Do you save or splurge when it comes to lather, rinse, repeat?


Rachel said…
Save! My hair doesn't care. It's dollar shampoo for me!
Jael Paris said…
I couldn't use generic shampoo when my hair was curly. It had to be shampoo for curly hair or things would be strange. Now that my hair is straight, it can take anything.
Unknown said…
i used to buy shampoo from the drugstore, but then my hairdresser alerted me to the fact that my hair was ridiculously dry. she talked me into buying the latest revlon saloon shampoo, and this is the most amazing hair product ever. i have rather dry and curly hair, but with this little gizmo i don't even have to use conditioner.
for styling, i have been using the john frida products for a while now, too. everything cheaper than that makes my hair feel like straw. stinkin' high-maintenance curls!

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