Milan Fashion Week Begins

With knee socks, ruffles and pleats, Emporio Armani created a youthful, feminine collection with skirts, jackets, shorts and dresses to be coveted.

You wouldn't know it from the designs, but Just Cavalli is feeling the struggles of the economy. Due to finances, this collection may never see production. It would be sad to cast aside these cool ruffles. jackets and pants.

Missoni did what Missoni does best--knitwear. The collection began with icy tones, but layered knits and muted prints warmed the collection to a light sunny glow by the end.

If only the word "Cheap" in Moschino Cheap & Chic meant I could actually afford it. The collection showcased ruffles, surreal belts that didn't buckle and cute coats and dresses.

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