Love or Loathe: Are You Busy?

Bright orange leather, snake skin, and striped wooden beads all on one sandal? These bold heels by Sam Edelman could be the key to a fantastic summer look, or they could just be ugly. They're $158.95 on Endless. What do you think?


becca said…
Loathe. It looks like they attached the strap from a cute, funky orange shoe onto a basic snake skin shoe.

I want to see what the shoe that belongs to a strap like that would look like though.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I'm really not a fan. The right woman in the right outfit could make it work, but overall I'm not feeling it.
Rachel said…
I'm gonna say loathe. The orange part looks tacked on.
Anonymous said…
loathe. absolutely too much.
LyddieGal said…
I think I could actually love these, it's the price tag I loathe.

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