Academy Awards: Rate the Red Carpet

Before the Oscars, Jael Paris dressed the nominees. Now you get to rate their choices.

Kate Winslet looked stunning as usual in this one shouldered Yves Saint Laurent dress. However, I would have liked to see her is something a little more adventurous and Oscar Winner worthy since she did take home the little gold fellow.

Angelina Jolie looks nice. It's rather boring, but at least this dress fits and isn't entirely a draped column like she has been wearing. Angie could really wear some great dresses. I wish she would stop being so boring.

Meryl Streep. I love Mery Streep. She's great. I'm undecided about this dress. It's OK. It seems to fit her nicely. It just doesn't say "Oscar Dress" to me. Maybe it needs something sparkly.

Marissa Tomei's dress was one of my favorites of the night. The pleating is unbelievable. She told someone on the red carpet that the dress had only just arrived that day, and she had been worried. No worries Marissa. It's fabulous.

Anne Hathaway sparkled in Armani Prive. She looked great, but I would have loved something more daring from her. Although she did have to change for her part in the opening number so I can see why she didn't go for something complicated. Still, she could have brought some color to the red carpet.

Amy Adams chose a lovely red number over the short and sassy looks Jael picked out. To keep her from blending in with the carpet, she chose bold accessories. It wasn't my favorite look of the night, but it's nice.


Anonymous said…
I think about the little green/blue dress you picked for Amy Adams constantly. It's stunning.
Jael Paris said…
I still think Adams' necklace and bodice was too much in one place.
manachan said…
Love your choices, especially for Anne Hathaway *bravo* :)
Sarahjm14 said…
I love the second choice for Angelina, the brown one. Could i ask what brand that dress is or where you found the picture?? thanks!

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