Save or Splurge: Earrings

When it comes to earrings, I wish I could say save. I see so many cute, quirky pairs of earrings at Target or For Love 21. I would love to wear them, and wouldn't really mind when I fell apart since they cost about $5 and are a lot of fun. I would recommend that trendy earrings be a save, if possible.

However, all of my earrings have to cost a lot. My ears are sensitive, or just picky, I guess, so I have to wear gold earrings. I hate that this keeps me from wearing fun, cheap earrings. It does mean I will someday splurge on some classic and simple earrings so I don't have to go around with nothing in my ears. Those kinds of earrings, like basic hoops, are worth a bit of a splurge.

Also, I am considering buying gold/white gold earring wires at a jewelry supply store so I can switch out wires on cheap jewelry. This way I'll still be able save on the funky stuff.

Are earrings a save or splurge for you?

Pictured: Baroness Earrings, Forever 21, $3.80


Anonymous said…
It really denpends on the earrings. If the style is something that I want to have forever, I'll go for the more expensive earrings. If it's something that is trendy, or if it's like the peacock feather earrings I've been wanting since forever (easily destroyed by anything,) I say the cheaper the better.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes coating the earring parts that will actually touch your skin with clear nail polish works quite well.
These are looking classic. Thanks for this great share!

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