Rate the Nominee: Golden Globes

Last week, Jael Paris, posted FMF's pics for dresses the nominees to should wear on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Some of them seem to have taken our advice, while others should start reading our blog (We are just here to help after all). Do you think we dressed them better or they dressed themselves better.

Angelina Jolie chose this simple dress with a billowy top and high slit. She looks pretty enough, but the looks we chose for her were more exotic and daring. Angie seems to be an exotic and daring woman and I'd rather see her in one of our picks. What do you think?

Anne Hathaway wore a lovely dark blue gown. I'm scratching my head as to why she is on some worst dressed lists. I like her pick, but maybe the dramatic neckline on our suggestion would have faired better. Thoughts?

America Ferrera must be reading our blog. She picked something very similar to our choices, and the people who put her on some worst dressed lists must be asleep on the job. Do you think her interpretation of our picks works or not?

Debra Messing went for some drama at the bottom of this lovely gown. I think she looks pretty. Do you like her look or should she have gone with one of our picks?

The people writing worst and best dressed lists may be off their rockers, but at least the Golden Globes voters had the sense to give Tina Fey the award. On top of winning, she did find her way onto some best dressed lists in this stunning black dress and plunging neckline. It's much more daring than what she usually wears, so we applaud her. I'd still like to see how our picks look on her though. What about you?


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