Perfect Pencil Skirts

Work has (finally) been picking up, but I can't stay in my cozy cold-weather gear lest people think I'm a teenager. While some people find skirts too chilly for January, they serve me fine paired with knee boots and heavy tights. This is a great time to shop for such a wardrobe staple as many stores are holding clearance sales. Hear are my picks for great winter work skirts.
Top: silvercoated linen, ADAM, Goldyn $192.50
red tiered skirt, Robert Rodriguez, Nordstrom $197.90
high waisted faux leather, Urban Outfitters $88
black and white wallpaper print, White House $88
Bottom: green tweed, Express $59.50
side seam ruffle, Aqua, Bloomingdale's $78
red black and white tweed, Corey Lynn Calter, Goldyn $157
dark plaid tweed, Rebecca & Drew $135.45
brown bow detail, Victoria's Secret $39.50


Anonymous said…
The silver linen one is calling out to me...

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