Love or Loathe: Leopard Mary Jane

While hunting for Mary Janes to wear with knee socks, becca tripped over these questionable platforms from Poetic Licence. The black with dark leopard print and the red with tonal print can certainly work with the right outfit, but the blue ones with silver details... Are they rock and roll cool or band bimbo trashy?


becca said…
Usually I love a crazy shoe, but all the business with the huge elastic band across the foot. I think it's all too much. Loathe.
Anonymous said…
The blue shoe has sold out in two sizes. The black one has all the sizes. What are people thinking?! The black and red are way cuter.

The elastic band does it for me too. Maybe if the elastic were the same blue, or the same leopard, but with the blue, and the black and the print, there's too much going on in too small of a space.
Rachel said…
I agree with becca and Rachel. They might be ok without the huge black elastic band.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the three ppl above - I also like crazy, colorful shoes, but these just have too much going on. Loathe.

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