Shoe of the Week: Gabriella Rocha Studio Falin

The harsh Midwestern winter has made itself very obvious this past week. Its ever present ice has made it very difficult for me to stay upright when walking outside. The wetness, slipperiness and chilliness have forced me into rather ugly footwear since tread that keeps me from falling has trumped fashion.

These cute boots from Gabriella Rocha, however, would allow me to remain both stylish and standing. They have a fun bow, some serious tread on the bottom, and they look warm. Also, the gray color may actually be useful in the hiding salt stains from the roads since it looks like the color that shows up on my dark shoes when I wear them out in this weather. (They come in black too).

This wearable winter boot costs $115.


Anonymous said…
I was going to Cincinnati a few weeks ago and of course, right before flying out, my sneakers got a hole in them. I needed some semi-cute, not-beloved shoes for tramping through the snow.

I was at Walmart and spotted these knee high, wedge heeled shearling numbers. I was a tad embarrassed to purchase my first ever Walmart shoes, but people keep asking me where I got them. They're stable in the snow and they're actually kind of cute. $27. They won't last long, but I really only need them for the winter.

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