Save or Splurge: Heart Shaped Clutch

Do you ever find yourself wanting an item that looks adorable, but costs a little more than you would normally spend? Jael Paris found this cute heart shaped clutch, which costs $50. We both think that's a bit much for a clutch.

However, this one has a lot of possibilities. We see Zooey Deschanel working it into her playful, youthful look. It could add a lot of fun to any outfit, making a simple look more interesting or playing into an over-the-top look very well.

Would you be willing to splurge on such an item? Or does the dollar amount trump the cuteness and possibilties?


Jael Paris said…
If I had the outfit already that this would top off, I'd splurge on it. I wouldn't buy it for cute factor then build around it.

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