Polyvore Review

I've been making outfits on Polyvore for about a year now. Since I'm not inhibited by finances, my virtual closet represents my style better than my actual closet. Here's what I noticed:

-- I love black, white and red. In real life, I frequently wear my red shoes with an otherwise monochromatic outfit, but that's the only red I have! The problem with buying red in real life is that the shades will frequently clash so I have to return the item.
-- I want to party. Seriously, self, have you met a party frock you didn't like? Maybe I should dress up more for kicks and giggles.

-- Snakes are a style statement. Snakeskin bags and shoes, jeweled snake bangles and other snake jewelry, and even snake colors as inspiration, those little buggers are all over my virtual closet. It makes sense. Snakeskin shoes would be the perfect tough offset to my girly professional clothes. In real life, I have a pair of snake vertebrae earrings.
-- I have a lot of purses. If I had money, I'd buy a variety of bags in many bright colors. They all seem to be designer too (Fendi, Dior, Prada, McQueen). In real life, I carry a modest pink bag in the cold months and a mint straw bag when it's warm.

-- Yellow exists to accent. I have many pieces of bright yellow in my virtual closet (none in my real one) but I use it to emphasize an outfit the needs oomph. Me thinks I should purchase a pair of yellow shoes.
-- I love clutches. Of course, when I don't have to fit things in them they are very pretty. Clutches are far more sleek than everyday bags.

-- Virtual me wears gobs of McQueen. Who's surprised?

-- I'm not a jewelry freak. Well, I am, but like in real life I only wear one piece at a time. I'm not a fan of bracelets on top of rings on top of necklaces topped off with earrings. Take something off! In most of my sets, I accessories with one bold piece of jewelry. Wish I could afford earrings from Barney's!

How would your closet change if you didn't have any limits?


Unknown said…
Ahh yes, Polyvore is great. I too wish some of my virtual outfits would magically appear in my closet at no cost to me. That would be HEAVEN. All your sets are fab btw!
Anonymous said…
I would wear fun party dresses with you every day. Also, there would be more orange. I don't own any, and I want some, so that I can have an entire outfit made out of secondary colors. There would also be more shoes. (But I think just about every other girl would have more shoes in their imaginary closet.)
Rachel said…
Higher quality pieces, more color, nice (and colorful) shoes/boots... lots of them. And pretty clothes that are as comfy and warm as jeans and a hoodie.

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