Plus Size Interview Looks

Reader Suzy asked us a favor before Christmas. She has an interview coming up and needs something professional and stylish that doesn't look outdated or frumpy. Suzy, I hope you like what we've found. Let us know if you're looking for anything else. And good luck with your interview!

This Patrizia suit from IGIGI is not only stunning, but it is also classic, feminine, and on sale! This pretty ruffled, tailored jacket with matching pants and skirt will never go out of style. If you invest in such a quality jacket, buying both bottoms is a good idea for expanding your wardrobe options. On sale, all three pieces cost $220. This is a steal for a complete suit.

If you have a pair of basic black pants, a classic jacket will complete your suit. This jacket by Calvin Klein has nice tailoring and a flattering shape. You'll be able to wear it for years to come. It costs $152.60 on sale.

This Jones New York suit is a little more basic than the first one and also has the option for skirt or pant bottoms. All three pieces cost $437. It's from Macy's so watch for sales and coupons.

If you want to break out from the traditional suit for an interview, a professional dress is a great way to go. IGIGI has this great wrap dress on sale for $118.40 or this tailored dress on sale for $99 (you can even layer a jacket over it.)

Let us know if you have any events with special clothing needs coming up. We'll be on the lookout for you.


contentablue said…
Becca, you ROCK!!! Thanks :) I am definitely loving that Patrizia tailored suit and am looking into it as we speak. I can't wait to go try it on! The store is a bit of a drive away, but I think it'll be worth it.

Gosh, I love this blog!!!

Reader forever!!
Anh said…
The wrap dress looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
i just got some great plus size Tahira suits from macy's. they are very professional and fit great. I got them for half off also!
Amy V said…
These are great! I actually have a jacket that is similar to the first one you posted. One thing that everyone (Especially us plus-sized ladies) needs to keep in mind is that the jacket MUST fit... not kind-of. The fit is very important. Tailoring might be a good option if you can't find the perfect fit in a store.
Unknown said…
Hi There Becca!

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Valenda said…
I WOULD DEFINITE WEAR ALL OF THESE CLOTHES! Am very happy to finally see work-appropriate clothes that are flattering, pretty, stylish and great for plus-sized women like myself. Thanks for posting. :]

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