Over-the-knee Boots

I've always wanted a pair of boots that comes to mid-thigh. Black leather is preferable. Alexander McQueen has a specific pair I'd like, but I'm fairly certain they are "price upon request". In fact, I've never seen thigh high leather boots for less than $1000. This season, Report Signature delivered the "Fairfax," a sexy, hem skimming number for half the price of everything else I've seen. I'd like to think they'll go on sale, but with only 8, 8.5 and 9 left at Endless and 9 and 10 at Shopbop, it's more likely they'll sell out before I can even post this. Endless also sells the "Fairfax" in fully stocked brown.


Anonymous said…
Earlier this winter, I also wanted mid-thigh boots. However, I couldn't afford the $500+ price tag. After some in depth searching, I ended up purchasing a pair of mid-thigh boots from Amazon.com called Pleaser Women's Legend-8868 (yes, I actually purchased something from the company that makes stripper shoes!). Although hesitant, I bought them in the black pig leather. They are absolutely gorgeous, and for a mere $67.20, you can't beat it!

Jael Paris said…
I've come across cute shoes by Pleaser a couple times, but I just can't bring myself to buy anything from them. Maybe if I could try them on...

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