Love or Loathe: Renaissance Skimmer

Were these ankle wrap skimmers actually made by a leather worker from a renaissance faire, I don't think I'd mind them. They would make good footwear for garb. As it is, they are from Urban Outfitters. Perhaps it's my non-hipster status but I can't imagine what they would possibly go with. Maybe Ray Bans and a mini version of a grandma dress?


Anonymous said…

They are hideous!

I love retro, but renaissance-inspired clothing takes things a bit too far for my liking.
Anonymous said…
The only thing I can picture myself wearing these with are renn faire garb. In that aspect, I like them, but I can't picture any "real" clothes suiting them.
I'd have to try them on first to see.

Maybe with jeans? :) Way more modern things paired with them could be cool
BekkaPoo said…
I could see these together with a scoop neck, knee length tank dress, and a wide leather belt for the summer.
Jael Paris said…
Rebekka, that's a cool idea. I was thinking maybe khaki shorts, a peasant top and a fringe bag. When I think of them as a summer ankle boot, I can come up with outfits.
Anonymous said…
They're so hideous and perfect! I can tell that I'll be buying these in three months at %80 off.
Rachel said…
I almost think I kind of like them. I think maybe.
BekkaPoo said…
Thanks Jael, I guess the key is not to be too literal with these renaissance booties.. add a touch but don't over do it. The khakis/peasant top would also be hella cute. I think now I want them too for next summer! :)

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