The Horror: The Shame

Rachel Pally, this dress is bad and you should feel bad. While putting together a post about plus size dresses for New Year's Eve, I tripped over this coco mumu. It has no shape! All women have trouble spots on our bodies we'd like to cover and nice spots we'd like to highlight. This dress eliminates the breasts, waistline and legs. A curvy woman in this gown will just be a brown column. The only thing this dress highlights is the arms, and I have yet to hear a plus size woman say "I want everyone to be looking at my biceps!" Designers, it wouldn't kill you to actually design a dress for your plus size line, but if you're putting out mumus for these lovely ladies, you should feel ashamed.


Unknown said…
hilarious!! and i totally agree! the last thing us plus size chicks need is more bare armage
contentablue said…
Hey, you know what? Can I ask a favor? I'm a plus size girl that has a med school interview coming up next month. I need a good suit that doesn't make me look like I'm fifty years old! Help!

Oh, and the interviews are in the midwest where it is currently freezing. Eeeeps!

(I love this blog!)
Jael Paris said…
I love requests! We're on it, Susy.
contentablue said…
You totally rock :D

I can't wait!

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