Fantasy Shopping

All my shopping lately involves paint cans, light fixtures, doorknobs and drapes. I'm afraid to pop in to Target or Goodwill because I'll convince myself I can spend that $15 on something cute for me instead of keeping it in the house fund. It's times like these that I curb my desire to shop with a trip to Net-a-Porter, because I'll never talk myself into dropping $200 on an impulse buy.

Just looking at this Vivienne Westwood wiggle dress makes me feel sexy. I've instantly transformed from a headachey blogger sitting on the couch to a lithe actress on the talk show circuit promoting her new movie.

Anna Sui has two very different dresses on sale. I loved this striped number when Agyness Deyn trotted it down the catwalk. It makes me think of a candy striper gone rouge. The black lace mini dress can be dressed up for a gothic mod look. If you're interested, get shopping because both dresses are almost sold out.


That Westwood dress is to DIE FOR

I hate the Mouret dresses because they look uncomfortable, but this one looks interesting

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