Etsy Shop of the Week: Terry Graziano

The perfect ladylike hat that is unique and practical for daily wear has long eluded me. I just couldn't find one with the right look. Until now.

Terry Graziano makes stunning hats that are not only ladylike, unique and perfect, but they are also meant to be worn several different ways which means you won't get bored with the look. Now my only problem is that I can't pick a favorite. I'm stuck. I want them all.

Each hat is handmade and adjustable, which is great because most hats don't fit me properly. Visit Terry Graziano's shop to see more lovely designs like this Confidante hat ($75).


Jael Paris said…
You're right. These are the perfect hats.
Anonymous said…
WANT! WANT, WANT, WANT!!! So wonderfully perfect. I love them like a fat kid loves cake.

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