Loving L.A.M.B.

As a rule, I hate celebrity clothing lines. They're over-priced, poor quality, and uninspired. The exception to this rule is Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. It's not the most cutting edge and fashion forward thing out there, but it's fun with a funky edge and is still wearable in everyday office hum-drum life.

For months, I've been drooling over Stefani's Fall-Winter 2008 shoe collection. It's buttoned and scalloped and bright and contrasting. I keep playing with them in Polyvore and visiting them on Shopbop. Hopefully, the prices plummet come Christmas.
Clockwise from top left: hunter and chocolate button "Rosebury" ankle boot $520
red zip "Nayuta" sandal on sale for $185
multistrap "Belgrave" knee boot $725
yellow scalloped peep toe "Camden" bootie $430
taupe contrast trim multi strap "Hunter" ankle boot $340


Rianna said…
These shoes are all beautiful but I totally agree with you, celeb lines just aren't good quality and are way over priced. Especially celeb fragrances what are they all about!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx
Grace said…
Those shoes are crazy awesome. I especially like the ones on the far right.

And, I would totally wear Alan Cumming's scent "Cumming" in a heartbeat.
Rachel said…
Those are some pretty great shoes! I love the originality.
Kadir said…
I think you nailed in on the head here.
Gwen's might not be the most innovative line out there, but it's completely wearable.

And these shoes are all absolutely lovely!
Anonymous said…
I've been questioning my love of these too....

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