Shoe of the Week: KORS Michael Kors Slicker Boot

Jael and I both live in a climate with rather harsh winter weather. This requires several layers of clothing and good shoe choices. As much as I would love to say white suede boots are the best winter shoe, I have to go for something more practical.

These KORS Michael Kors Slicker Lace-Up Rubber Boots are both practical and stylish. This high heel version of a traditional snow boot offers warmth, comfort, water protection and good grip for icy pavement.

The $295 price tag is a bit high yet well worth it if you like to look cute while trekking through winter's slippery muck. The 3 1/2 inch heel is offset by the 3/4 inch platform making the incline reasonable for winter walking. The Micheal Kors website sells the shoes in the pictured Coffee/Olive color, and offers them in Luggage/Navy.


Jael Paris said…
I like the navy version better, but I'm not sure if I hate them entirely.
Unknown said…
i wouldn't do the heel, but i really like the practicality of them.

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