Project Design: Halloween Inspired Necklaces

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Happy Halloween! This week's Project Design features Halloween inspired necklaces. I love Halloween because that's when it's easy to find interesting accessories with slightly macabre themes. These pieces would be fun for Halloween or year round. Which necklace haunts you?

Along Came an Arachnid by BeadsInTheBelfry

Gene the bat necklace by cravejewelrydesign

Raven Eve Secret Rapture Necklace by ravenevejewelry

The story - Halloween by portobello

There is Time Enough by EJPcreations


Vicki said…
The first one is a really simple, classy design. But I picked Gene because I like his name. I'm curious why his name is Gene, but if I wore that necklace, I'd introduce him to everyone. That kind of character deeply appeals to me. I kinda want to buy him now, even though he goes with NOTHING I own.
Anonymous said…
The last one is so beautiful...I want to see how spiky the ends of the shards are....
Radhika said…
love the spooky silver spider one..all are beautiful..

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