Gothic Lolita

I've been surfing Fan Plus Friend for an hour and a half. Their gothic Lolita looks don't have to be regulated to anime cos play. According to our decades poll, a number of you have a love for Victorian inspired clothing. All these ruffles, puffs, stripes, and buttons are an absolute dream. Best of all, the prices are reasonable. Here's a little of what I love:pirate coat availble in dark red or black $124.99
caped Edwardian coat available in grey, black, red and lilac $142sailor skirt $44.99
long skirt with pickups available in grey or burgundy $68
bustle skirt available in black, baby blue, brown or black stripes $54.99 (Want!)puff color ruffle blouse available in grey, peach or black $40
puff sleeve blouse with detactable cravat available in peach or black $50
tailed buckle top available in blue, dark red or black $74.99 (Also want!)

Rachel, stop drooling on your keyboard. People are staring.


Anonymous said…
I love pretties!
Anonymous said…
The coats have been plaguing my mind for a while....
Julie said…
I Want That coat!

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