Etsy Shop of the Week: TotusMel

This week's Etsy shop has been one of my favorites for a long time. TotusMel creates stunning tatted accessories. My great grandmother did a lot of tatting, which is probably why I never considered tatting to be for anything other than doilies and tablecloths, but TotusMel's tatted creations make tatting into a wearable art form.

The elegant pieces have endless possibilities. I love this tatted choker (pictured below right) and I even suspect I would wear the tatted mask (pictured top) all of the time if I owned it. Not only are these creations beautiful, but they are also they type of accessory that people would stop you on the street to discuss. (Except for the mask. People probably wouldn't talk to me if I wore a mask on the street, but I don't think that would stop me.)

The prices are amazingly reasonable with some of the tatted pendants pricee as low as $8. The tatted mask pictured here costs $73, and possess craftsmanship that is well worth the price.


Jael Paris said…
Her work is on my Christmas list.
Unknown said…
Her work is fabulous, isn't it?

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