Cut Your Hair

Someone I work with recently went from a teased, long-tressed blonde to a jagged edge brunette bob. It aged her at least three years, which is perfect because she's eighteen and just starting out in life. Her new hair is fun and modern but will lend an air of respectability in a professional setting.

This isn't the first time I've seen this happen. Young women, especially here in the midwest, are far too attached to their long hair. This is fine if it's well cared for and styled, but if your do for the day is a quick ponytail, chances are it's making you look younger than you'd like. If people constantly ask you how high school is going and you're 25, consider the big chop.

How does your hair fit into your life? Do you want to be able to put your hair up for exercising? Would you like bangs? Do you need a hair cut that can transition from day to night? Flip through magazines and find a look you like. Short hair is harder to do yourself. It may look nice one way but jankity another. A professional cut can be styled in multiple ways.
Supermodel Agyness Deyn demonstrates the variety of ways you can wear one short style.
(Image source
Though her hair is short, pop star Rihanna has changed it several times.

Would you be willing to take the weight off your shoulders?


Rachel said…
I finally trimmed my hair (I was starting to grow an unintentional mullet...)a couple days ago. It was short to begin with, but trimming it up in the back (similar to Agyness Deyn's style) made me look older and more professional.
Anonymous said…
It's funny, I've actually be counting down the days to chopping off my hair. The appointment is Saturday, and I think I'm going Sienna Miller short. I've been dizzy excited about it for weeks. I find long hair to be a bit dull. Mine was already pretty short (though it's grown out a bit as I was saving up for a good cut) but I'm going all the way this time.
tractordog said…
LOVE it. Short hair is SO much easier!

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