$150 Challenge: Dead Doll Halloween Costume

Earlier today Jael posted about her best Halloween Costume--the Dead Doll. This costume is incredibly fun and creepy. When Jael dressed me up as a dead doll I never wanted to change back out of the costume. So this week the $150 Challenge features all the stuff your need to be a dead doll for only $131.50. That may seem like a lot for a costume (something I prefer to save on), but keep in mind that you can use these cute basics again or you may already have some pieces in your wardrobe.

$150 Challenge: Dead Doll Costume by Fashion Me Fabulous

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers, Berries & Cream, Drugstore.com, $4.99
Jane Lip Huggers Lipstick, Kind of Carob, Drugstore.com, $3.49
Max Factor Erace Concealer, Drugstore.com, $3.99
Jane Gliding Liner Eye Pencil, Black Magic, Drugstore.com, $3.05
e.l.f. Dramatic Lash Kit, Drugstore.com, $1.49
NYX Shadow For Eyes, Black, Drugstore.com, $3.99
Danya Knit Dress W/ Neck Sash, Forever 21, $17.80
Celeste Ruffled Cardigan, Forever 21, $27.80
Classic Legging, Forever 21, $6.50
Ruffle Cuff Gloves, Forever 21, $5.80
Lucite Bow Elastic Bracelet, Forever 21, $3.80
Secret Mission Icebat, Ugly Dolls, $20
Alicia Ankle Boot, Forever 21, $28.80


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