Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Burberry Prorsum seems to be expecting some rainy days for this coming spring. Much of the collection looks good for trudging through the rain, mud and the foggy drizzle that can cloud spring. While the overall color scheme is muted, the neutral tones will be easy to wear rain or shine. And like sunshine breaking through the clouds, there was a glimmer at the end of the collection with some metallic hues.

D&G will have none of that rainy day talk. This collection has every intention of sailing through spring and summer with bold nautical prints, sailor pants and all things sea-worthy. It's even anchors aweigh with evening wear that has more glitter than sunken treasure.

Simple, breezy, fresh, feminine. Giorgio Armani does spring with lovely, light looks that showcase effortless chic. From suits to summer dresses, Armani's clothing flutters with all the easy, breezy feelings of spring. Although, a few things bordered on old-lady-ish to me.


Anonymous said…
LOVE the Burberry hats!

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