$150 Challenge: $50 Version

One of FMF's faithful readers, Rachel, is one of the best bargain hunters I have ever met. She finds adorable things at extremely low prices, which are the highest prices she will agree to pay. Her thrifty (and very cute) fashion sense has inspired me to make this week's $150 Challenge a $50 challenge. Without the use of thrift stores, it was very hard to find all the pieces. It was so hard that I have unavoidably exceeded the $50 limit by 88 cents. We can just round down right?

So here is a cute, comfy fall look that costs $50.88.

Long Sleeve Wrap, Wetseal $17.50
Knit Cami, Forever 21 $2.50
V-Neck Knit Dress, Forever 21 $10.50
Leah Tights, Forever 21 $4.90
Hampton Hobo Handbag, Kmart $4.99
Xhilaration® Sable Ballet Flats, Target $10.49


Jael Paris said…
I want to cover the purse and cardigan in large vintage pins.
Rachel said…
Yaaay! You did it! Thanks for the special post- you flatter me :)

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