This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

-- The debate continues over these zip booties.

-- What did you think of this week's Saturn commercial Project Runway?

-- Come fall, lace dresses will be everywhere. Do you know how to wear lace in 2008?

-- Let's window shop for things we could never afford!

-- How has your style changed through the years?

-- Boots in August. What do you think?

-- Our vintage shop of the week has some great WWII suits.


Unknown said…
the one about your evolving style, very enjoyable. i'll have to think about my own some more.

regarding boots in august...i've been seeing that here in louisiana lately. while i did take notice and kinda gave it a second look, i didn't really reach a conclusion besides, "dang. their feet *must* be hot." so now i see where it stems from.

now there was this one girl who was into goth who used to wear knee high black boots with the soles and shoestrings up the leg year round. it just seemed to be her style.

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