I Feel So Lonely!

Oh, Magic 8-ball, where has my becca gone? Will we ever hear from her again? How will we live without Etsy finds? How will I solve my html issues? Who will network? Who will answer the legion of fan mail and that one guy who really wants us to review his barbecue sauce?

As of today, becca is out of town. On top of that, her internet connection hates her. Be happy you even got a review of this week's Project Runway, for the Webbernet is a fickle beast freezing and stalling and refusing to save.

Thank you wise Magic 8-ball! Will my Fighting Irish have a good season?

Don't count on it.


Rachel said…
Geez, you have a snippy magic 8 ball.
Jael Paris said…
The magic 8-ball has clearly never had a blog or it would understand. Not having hands to type, I'm sure it isn't familiar with html. ;-)
Anonymous said…

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