Dear Men

I do not get dressed for you. After considering the weather, I stand in my closet and think about how I feel. Ecstatic, experimental, depressed, powerful, aggressive are all emotions that come to mind. Horny and wanting a quickie are not.

I understand how you could think that I threw a skirt on to attract attention. Most girls here wear VS Pink sweats, flip flops and a college tee for running to the store. Yet my choice of sundress or linen shorts had to do with the oppressive heat.

Now that you know this, I would appreciate it if you no longer interpreted my clothing as a reason for you to follow me around my apartment complex, ask me how much, make tongue gestures at me, or ask me five times to get in your truck. Just know that from mini dress to maxi dress, it's not for you.


Anonymous said…
Bravo...exactly what I feel!

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