The ladies of Fashion Me Fabulous dream big, but frequently don't have the know how to makes those clothing ideas a wearable reality. If you crave some do-it-yourself inspiration, here are some bloggers with much craftier fingers.

-- I'm particularly fond of Kingdom of Style's shower poof skirt, but her blog is full of great ideas for tailoring vintage finds from Grandma-land to Chicville.

-- The Flicker group DIY Clothes has plenty of forums and photos.

-- Designer do-it-yourselves are my favorite part of Fashionista.

-- Crafty Crafty can teach you how to make cool accessories and more.

-- Follow A Dress A Day on her sewing adventures. She also has lots of great tips and links for you seamstresses out there.

-- Garbage of Eden has a new D.I.Y. every week.


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