Sunscreen For Your Lips

I went to the fair this weekend and learned the hard way how important it is to wear sunscreen on your lips. I always worry about my lips chapping in the winter, but here I am in July nursing a flaky pucker.

If you constantly loose chapsticks, you may want to go with the cheapest option. Sally Hansen makes a lip balm with sunscreen and comes in several flavors for about $1 at most drugstores.
If you're really worried about your pout chapping and burning in the sun, try Kiss My Face Hot Spots with SPF 30. It's certified organic, which is great for those of us with fragrance allergies. Best of all, it's formulated for use on your lips, ears, and face. For about $9, that's not a bad deal.


Lolita said…
hmmm....i'm alittle hesitant about "kiss my face" anything I remember years ago using it and it was really oily.
Jael Paris said…
Eee! Thanks for the warning.
Unknown said…
Hi Jael, I am the VP of Marketing at Kiss My Face and saw your blog entry recommending our Hot Spots product which is great for lips, nose, ears, cheeks or anywhere on your head you want to protect from the sun. And i can confidently say that since i have been here we havent gotten comments that the products are oily so i hope Lolita will give it another try. And as a small thank you for recommending our products to your family and friends, you can use code KMFBLOG3 for the next week for 25% off any order at

Thanks again for using Kiss My Face and I always appreciate any feedback at

Have a great weekend! Lewis Goldstein

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