Save or Splurge: Comfy Shoes

I love shoes, but even the cutest shoes in the world have to be comfortable or I just won't wear them more than once.

I recently purchase two pairs of super cute, super cheap shoes. I got really excited by the low price tags and fun colors. My foot fit in the shoes so I bought them. Both pairs are packed up and ready to return to the store. They fit, but when I tried them on at home, I realized that they were sitting shoes. Sitting shoes don't work for walking, standing or even driving. They pinch or blister. I find this to be true of most cheap shoes.

Comfort seems to come at a price. Especially if you hope to pair comfort with style. I love all of my Naturalizer shoes because they are both comfortable and cute. I also love them because I buy them on sale. Most of the shoes cost around $70 to $80 new, this is a splurge on my budget. However, they tend to go on great sales. If you wait for clearance, you can turn a splurge into a save at $20 to $40. (That's a good save!)

If I'm buying basic pumps, boots or classic flats, I will splurge for the comfort. If I want a slightly trendier shoe, I will look for a deal, but I will pay more than the Payless price for a comfort. Even if the shoes the right color or style, I won't wear a shoe that isn't the right fit.

Do you save on your shoes or splurge for comfort?

Pictured: Courtney, Naturalizer $79


Rachel said…
I'm a bad shoe shopper because I tend to buy cheap. Thankfully I've gotten a couple great deals lately on quality shoes, but I know I need to focus more on splurging for comfort and saving by not buying those cheap shoes I'll only wear once.
Jael Paris said…
I like good leather shoes because I can condition leather but plastic stays as it is. Still, I can find great deals on good shoes, keeping my price from $50-$70 instead of $150-$200.
Anonymous said…
I'm like you! I buy cute Naturalizer shoes once they go on sale. I got two-tone "Sweeney" shoes for $40 the other day; score!
Anonymous said…
I only recently cleared out my uncomfortable shoes, I feel sorry for the people that fall for the cuteness and end up with blisters and cuts from them.

Now I'm buying shoes that cost a bit more but are going to be comfortable when I go walking around.

Although this backfires, I have a pair of matthew willamson shoes that are comfy but because it's hard leather/suede I need to soften it somehow...
Jael Paris said…
Angel, I don't know if those shoes have some sort of liner, but if it's just leather, rub vasaline on the inside. It will soften and condition the leather much like a baseball glove.

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