If Only I Could Sew

I frequently wish I could sew, but without a sewing machine all such dream tasks turn into long pains in the fingers. I currently wish I could make a copy of this vintage Victor Costa dress out of ribbons. If I had the money, I'd find a local seamstress or one on Etsy who would be willing to undertake the project. Alas, being between jobs just leaves me in a lusty, dreamy state.


Anonymous said…
I definitely would go with the Etsy Alchemy route with this one...
Unknown said…
I'm greta, gretsy on etsy- I'll make this dress for you for $125! I live in South Africa and can sew, great dress:) contact me on gretareid@gmail.com
Cari said…


Been lusting after this for a while, m'self.

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