Beauty Buy: John Frieda's Secret Weapon

I swear by many John Frieda products. They work great and are kind to my sensitive skin. The products are pretty affordable too.

Recently, John Frieda came out with Secret Weapon from the Frizz-Ease line. It's a finishing creme to smooth out frizzies and soften dry hair. I bought some and found that it's great for those days I over blow dry the ends of my hair. It's also amazing for second day frizz.

I usually use John Frieda's Satin Shine finishing creme from the Brilliant Brunette line, which is great for added shine and a little smoothing. However, I've found that Secret Weapon is better for getting frizz to work with a style.

Also, if you are suffering from split or dry ends, Secret Weapon can help get you through to your next hair cut. A little goes a long way so the $6 tube will last a long time. Best of all, if used properly and not too close to the root it doesn't make the hair really oily.

To battle with frizzies, quench dry hair or just add a little more shine, Secret Weapon really could be your secret weapon.


Anonymous said…
I got a couple free samples of this the last time I bought the frizz ease curly shampoo. I love it!

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