Ballyhoo Vintage

Ballyhoo Vintage was another shop mentioned repeatedly in the best vintage shopping books I consulted, but they've been selling online as well for over ten years. They sell women's and men's clothing from the 1930s-1970s with a concentration on the 1950s. If you love vintage clothing but have a hard time finding something for your curves, Ballyhoo Vintage has some deals for you too. In addition to clothes, they sell jewelry, shoes, bags, hats, lingerie, swimsuits and accessories. Girly retro dresses sell out fast, but I'm loving their 1960s and 70s collection (and it's cheaper!). Prices generally range from $35-$150 depending on the piece. Their current stock includes several unworn pieces still bearing their original tags.
black silky dress 1970s $49
abstract floral early 1960s cocktail dress $65
black and white ruffle mini dress 1960s $49
gold mules 1960s (Never worn!) $49


Anonymous said…
I know I shouldn't like the mules...simply because they are called mules...but I do...
Jael Paris said…
I generally feel the same way, but I'm also a magpie. Shiny!!

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