This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

-- End the nightmare of buying jeans.

-- becca is repulsed by jumpsuits, while Jael_Paris is up in the air.

-- Net-a-Porter has some sweet buys.

-- Find out why we're skipping the biggest fashion film of the year.

-- Get ruffles from the chain stores. Get ruffles from Etsy.

-- Try out nautical fashion for summer.

-- becca ponders what price to pay for a summer bag, but she's fallen for these indie purses.

And tomorrow is becca's 23rd birthday. Dear, I have a serious lack of pictures of you where you're not exhausted from running a newspaper, editing a literary journal, enduring food poisoning while lost on Michigan backroads, directing a play, writing a thesis, or making food for a small army. This weekend, I will take an embarrassing amount of pictures of you shopping in Chicago. Happy birthday!


Rachel said…
Yay becca! Happy birthday- have fun :)
Anonymous said…
the red and white dress is great, where is it from?
becca said…
Thanks. The dress is from Windsor, but it's about 5 years old.

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