Prada's Flower Heel Mary Janes

While shopping in Chicago with becca, we stepped into Barney's to ogle the things we would never be able to afford but have been looking at since the Spring Summer shows in September. The shoes called to us, and none so loudly as Prada's flower heeled mary janes. They are even prettier in person. The colors are bright and perfectly matched, and that heel is an artistic endevor. My size was on display, so I thought I'd see if they fit like a $900 pair of shoes.
Prada's flower heel mary janes don't fit right.Shame on you, Prada. Shame. How did you manage to make these shoes fit so strangely? My toes barely poked out, so I looked toeless. There wasn't really room for my pinky toe because the band was squeezing so tight. I would think the shoes were narrows as designer shoes tend to be, but the heel was so wide my foot couldn't possibly stay in it. If I can't even wear them, how can anyone walk in them?

Those $600 Louboutins are looking better and better.


Crispy Banana said…
so disgusting. just because a reputable designer makes them doesn't automatically make them nice.

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