The Horror: Patricia of Paris

All I can think when I see this shiny green dress by Patricia of Paris is "They're after me Lucky Charms!" What is up with the styling in this photo? The rasta hat and knee socks are not making the ugly dress more attractive. Thinking that people would want more choices in their garish vinyl clothing, the dress is also available in yellow, turquoise and black. The black version is almost twice as much as the others, ringing in at a whopping $474!
Sadly, that is not the end of the horror. Kimora and Heatherette, consider yourselves on notice. Patricia of Paris is out for your tacky bedazzled crowns. I can't even describe what I'm seeing because the level of fug is killing my braincells. This space age homage to smoking is $600.
Ms. Patricia seems to have something against family pets, or else why drag them into her hot mess. A dress (and fringed bag!) of random pets sells (I hope not) for $537. The dog and cat dress is a mere $474.
Not pictured, because this "body of work" is giving me a serious headache, are offenses to zebras, neon skulls, and some tasseled monstrosity.

With all the fabulous Etsy seamstresses we've featured, I have to ask why Patricia of Paris is in production and good designers are still sweating over their Singers?


Rachel said…
Holy crap! My brain is melting!
Thanks for sharing article!!!

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