Find the Perfect Jeans helps you find the perfect jeans and a variety of price ranges. Zafu also has a plus size jeans finder. Pants are my hardest fit, and the quest for the perfect pair of jeans has been a life long journey so far. I've decided to turn to Zafu for help.

Tonight I had a plus size friend test Zafu. It came up with several workable-looking options and many of them were actually only about $20 to $30. However, I tested the dress pant finder and it only found one pair of $80 pants that I know do not fit because I've tried them on. The jeans finder did work a lot better though.

So, before you head out for your next jeans shopping adventure, start at Zafu for some tips (but leave the dress pants to experimentation).


Anonymous said…
Somewhat overrated. It's a good tool to give you ideas of where to shop and narrow it down, but I ordered a pair of jeans based on the recommendation of their jeans-finder about a year ago and they did not fit well at ALL. They actually give me the worst muffin-top of any of the jeans I own, even though they fit well everywhere else. Which is my biggest jeans pet peeve to begin with.
becca said…
That's how the dress pant finder worked for me. The pants they recommended are terrible on me, but they did locate a couple of pairs of jeans that I think would fit, only they cost about $90. (I'm paying for length).

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