Bi-annual Shoe Care Fest!

When the seasons change and I switch my boots and sandals, I get prepped for my bi-annual shoe care. Leathers need lotioning and shoes need polishing.

This past weekend, I pulled out my Frye boots for two coats of brown polish. (I need to do the same for my black boots, but I don't have the polish yet.) Not only did the polish help cover scratches, but it made the boots darker like their original shade and sealed them in a thin layer of wax. The one on the left is my boot before polishing.
Since my sandals haven't been worn for months, I rubbed Vaseline (Vaseline!) on the inside. This moisturizes the leather and keeps my shoes from drying my feet. Vaseline also works wonders on softening the leather in new shoes.

What do you do to take care of your shoes?


pennyfarthing said…
Did these shoes take you a while to break in? I have a pair, and I've found that while my feet are nice and comfortable, my ankles are absolutely dying within a few hours.
Jael Paris said…
I've never really had a problem with them. My ankles are pretty slim, especially compared to my calves.
Unknown said…
For my suede boots and sandals, I use a soft toothbrush, designated especially for my shoes - one for each color. I gently brush the suede in circular movements to keep it from matting down and looking old. I've had the same gorgeous pair of brown suede stilettos boots (given to me by Steve Madden, HIMSELF while shopping in SoHo) since the late 90's. They look brand spankin' new!

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