Vintage Shop: Goodwill

I know you've heard of Goodwill. You may have even donated to Goodwill, but how often do you shop at Goodwill?

becca and I hit up one of my Indiana Goodwills this weekend. I found a BCBG dress for $2.50. (Not vintage, I know.) Since becca is the average American size, she was able to stock up with two jackets, two dresses, two tops and two necklaces all for under $25. Over half of her goodies were vintage and fit like they were made for her. She's so excited about her purchases, she'll be posting pictures of her haul later this week.

Searching can take time, so this is one shopping trip that I must do with a girlfriend. It's best to go with a friend who knows your taste but isn't your style or size so you don't fight over the same treasures. While I've walked away empty handed a couple times, more often I have to weed through the pile to decide what I really want. Plus, the prices are so good, I can still afford to have things tailored, something my short self must often do. With the economy tanking, it's nice to still be able to shop while knowing that my purchases are helping people.

One of my best Goodwill finds is the vintage (or vintage style, I can't tell since the tag was cut out) green tweed dress pictured. What's your best thrift store find?


becca said…
My best Goodwill find so far is the WTF dress we found this weekend.

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