Vintage Shop: Bella Umbrella

When I went to China with some of my classmates a few years ago, one of our hosts gave us umbrellas. These wear not really meant for protecting us from the rain so much as protecting us from the sun. Pale skin is still revered in China (pasty girls rejoice!), and many women carry parasols. It also provided relief from the tropical sun that I was sure would melt this Hoosier.

Back in the States, people give you funny looks if you're carrying a parasol, but I'm a big advocate of skin health (and not getting heat stroke). Now that the sun is peaking out, I'm thinking of ways to stay in the shade. Bella Umbrella carries beautiful umbrellas and parasols from the early 1900s to the 1960s. An art deco ruffled parasol with a lucite handle is certainly not the cheapest way to stay pale and cool, but it makes a statement for those who aren't shy. They certainly have more personality than that free purse-sized umbrella you got from your local newspaper. Bella Umbrella also rents for weddings, photo shoots and event decor for $10-$30. Read the descriptions carefully, because some of the parasols can be used as umbrellas but not all.
1940s plaid umbrella $92
pink ruffled parasol with Lucite gem handle $204


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