Tips for Underwear Shopping

Last week I posted about my adventures in pants shopping. However, before you shop for pants I recommend you look into investing in some new underwear. I know it's an easy thing to save some money on, and I know you keep the old stuff around for those times when you just can't do any more laundry. However, good looking pants require good underpants. This is the key for ensuring you won't have any extra bumps created by too tight waistbands or any lumps created by saggy granny panties.

Since underwear shopping is daunting here are a few tips:

1. Start somewhere simple. I recommend starting your underwear quest where all the panties are laid out well and every style under the sun is available, someplace like Victoria Secret. I do not necessarily suggest you buy from this store (I think Vicki's quality has taken a nose dive in recent years). However this is a good place learn about every style and fabric you'll find in most stores. Look at everything, you may find some new styles you like.

2. Consider style. Don't be too concerned about Visible Panty Line (VPL). This can be avoided with almost any style in the right fabric and fit. If you never wear thongs then don't worry about looking for them. If you hate boy shorts then they are out. Once you have one or two styles you like you will have a much easier time.

3. Beware of fabrics. Sure nylon panties may seem like the solution to VPL and feel all silky, but they can end up being as hot as actual nylons are in the heat of summer. Watch out for itchy synthetic materials too. My personal favorites are cotton and modal. Modal is a wonderful material; look for it in any clothing possible.

4. Watch out for super cute colors. I love cute underwear as much as the next girl. I also like to keep that underwear from showing through my lighter colored bottoms. Polka dots, stripes and shiny flowers are fine under jeans, but stock up on flesh tone underwear that will wear well under anything.

5. Don't pay attention to price tags. Obviously you have to stay within a budget and no one needs to pay $159 for underwear. However don't be turned off because you're paying more than you usually do for underwear. A good foundation is important. Watch for sales. Also, don't ignore the inexpensive underwear. A good fit doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Most importantly, make sure it fits really well. No cutting, no riding up, no sliding down, no bunching just a good fit.

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Jael Paris said…
That Maiden Form model has been so airbrushed, they almost wiped out her navel.
becca said…
She's made of plastic, dear.
Jael Paris said…
My inability to tell is a sad commentary on how frequently I see shiny, poreless models in the glossies. Or I'm just tired.
Anonymous said…
Really looking very sexy and beautiful....

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