Terra Plana Eco Shoes

Generally when I look at eco shoes, they are the epitome of fug. The tops look too flimsy for heavy use or inclement weather and the chunky hemp soles too hippy dippy. Terra Plana's shoes, however, are sturdy enough to handle Great Lakes weather, and chic enough for even the most professional settings. The company's goal is to create anatomically healthy shoes that are repairable and made of sustainable or recycled materials. The reduced number of chemicals used in the materials and dye is especially beneficial to those with skin allergies.

Terra Plana shoes aren't cheap, running between $125-$200, but that's not any more than you'd expect to pay for a well-made pair of leather shoes. Knowing that these shoes are made eco-consciously, are repairable, are made with an actual human foot in mind, and are fair trade, I'd much rather plop down money for one of these beauties.

pink "Mumbai" flat $125
pale green "Juniper" pump $185

Terra Plana also carries a nice selection of men's shoes.
black "Aston" dress shoe $160
green "Aqua" sneaker $150


Anonymous said…
good design..!! I like that green "Aqua" sneaker .it looks like a frog.
Anonymous said…
I also love the "Veja" trainers, organic & fairly traded cotton, available at http://www.adili.com / http://www.veja.fr
So greeen...
Anonymous said…
i love these shoes
Mens Trainers said…
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