Save or Splurge: Nail Polish

I'm torn with this one. I do love nail polish, but I'm too lazy to wear it most of the time. However, I have paid a little more for a great color that I know I'll wear. While it seems like Wet N Wild or NYC should sell almost any color, there are just those amazing shades that seem to come only in the pricier polishes.

Nail polish also doesn't last forever, and I almost never use an entire bottle before throwing it away. I don't mind throwing away $1.49, but throwing away $8 kind of bothers me, even if only about $5 are left.

I am currently coveting this shade from Nicole by OPI. I think it's about $8 at Target (it looks a little different in person). I could see me wearing this color, and none of the cheaper brands have anything remotely close. So I guess I'm a bit stuck because I feel like nail polish should be a save, but I am usually inclined to splurge. Thoughts?

Virtuous Violet from Nicole by OPI


Jael Paris said…
Nicole's over half that at Walmart. I'm ashamed of myself for knowing that.
becca said…
Temptation overtook me. I bought it.

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